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Farm: CG Research, Bangalore
​Operated by: CityGreens

Kind: Indoor Vertical Farm

Technology: NFT Racks with Grow Lights

Automation: Yes

Footprint: 200 sq. ft.

Area: Banashankari, Bengaluru

Farm: Suvarna Hasiru, Bangalore
​Operated by: Client

Kind: Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse

Technology: NFT Flat Bed + Dutch Buckets

Automation: No

Footprint: 1100 sq. M.

Area: Electronic City, Bengaluru

Farm: Gabbar Farms, Ahmedabad
​Operated by: CityGreens

Kind: Fan & Pad Polyhouse

Technology: NFT Flat Bed + Grow Slabs

Automation: Yes

Footprint: 1000 sq. M.

Area: Chekhla, Ahmedabad

Farm: CG Research, Ahmedabad
​Operated by: CityGreens

Kind: Indoor Vertical + Outdoor Shade Net

Technology: NFT Dutch Bucket + DWC

Automation: No

Footprint: 800 sq. M.

Area: Deo Dholera, Ahmedabad

Farm: Blue Farms, New Delhi
​Operated by: CityGreens

Kind: Indoor Vertical Farm

Technology: NFT Racks with Grow Lights

Automation: No

Footprint: 200 sq. ft.

Area: Badli Extension, New Delhi

Farm: Fyllo Fresh, Ahmedabad
​Operated by: CityGreens

Kind: Fan & Pad Polyhouse

Technology: NFT A frame + Dutch Buckets

Automation: Yes

Footprint: 1200 sq. M.

Area: Bavla, Ahmedabad

One Pass entitles you to visit any one of the above farms.

Farm Visits Pass
Rs.650.00 - Rs.1,500.00

Farm Visit FAQs

Can I visit your farm?

We keep a few slots on fixed days for you to visit the farm.

If you will like to visit the farm, you can check the available slots and make a booking online. Please note that no walk-in visits are allowed at the farm.

Can I bring my children to the visit?

Yes sure. In fact it will be a great learning experience for them. 

Just make sure that they are always accompanied by adults and maintain a safe distance from the live systems. 

Though it is not a guided tour,  but we will be happy to make an exception for kids and show them the root system and take up their botany questions to the best of our abilities ;)

What to expect during the farm visit?

On the day of your visit, we will share with you the number of one of resource available at the farm that day. Once you reach the farm, he/she will guide you on Do's and Dont's of the visit. If there are multiple visitors already inside the farm, you may have to wait for a few minutes. Please do cooperate.  

Once inside, you can see how different crops are being grown. Roam around, click pictures and also buy some fresh produced.

What are the charges for the visit?

The visit charges may vary from time to time. You can check the applicable pricing at the time of booking. There are two kind of tickets you can buy, Solo and Group.

PN that:-

      • 1 Solo ticket is valid for 1 person only 
      • 1 Group ticket is valid for up to 3 individuals 
What is the validity of my pass?

Your pass is valid for next 6 months.

For some reason, if you are not able to visit on your scheduled day, you can connect with our support desk at  +91 701 925 5313 for rescheduling to an alternate day.

Where is the farm located?

The area of each farm is mentioned above in farm details. The exact address of farm that you are planning to visit will be shared with you a day before your visit. 

Do reach out to our support desk at +91 701 925 5313 for the same.

Can I buy some fresh crops during the farm visit?

Yes you can.

Don't forget to ask for 10% discount on the day's price from the shop section.

Can I interact with the workers at the farm and understand what they are doing?

We run tight schedules. And our farm workers are mostly occupied.  We would not want them to be distracted from their work and we are sure you wouldn't want that either. 

Roam around the farm. Click some images, absorb the surroundings and if you need to know or talk in detail about any thing, get in touch with us through WhatsApp at +91 701 925 5313.

Does the visit include a guided tour? Will someone guide me on all aspects of farm set-up and operations?

Yes. A basic one.

The guided tour will be of 20 minutes and cover the basic overview of the infrastructure of farm and growing operations.

The guided tour will not cover technical details or set-up or maintenance or agronomy related queries. For such queries, we do have a dedicated team that handles farm set-up and related queries. You can get in touch with them through Whats App at +91 938 064 2472

If I miss my visit slot, can I reschedule it?

Yes. But please do that within a month and don't miss it again :)

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